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Limited edition screen prints since 2013

More posters coming soon.

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Type of Stl

Photos taken by bicycle!

Type of Stl is an archive of hand-painted signage in Saint Louis. These works are cataloged in order to preserve the craft and provide inspiration for creatives.

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Prix de Frites

Have the night of your life for the price of fries.

The Prix de Frites puts an entirely new spin on the world of high-speed go-karting, and creates a unique attraction that is both environmentally friendly and fun for people of all ages.

A combination of a go-kart raceway and a boardwalk french fry joint, the Prix de Frites will be both family and environmentally friendly. All of the used fry grease will be converted to eco-friendly biodiesel to power 25 mph go-carts through the twists and turns of a 3-story track.

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